About Us


NextGBC, (the “Firm”), was founded (Registration No: 2013-14/0718) in Pakistan on March 18, 2014, as a AOP under the Partnership Act 1952. The principal activity of the Firm is “Medical Transcription Services". The Firm commenced its commercial operations on January 01, 2015. The registered office of the Firm is situated at Ground Floor, Bungalow # 16, Plot No. 43/1-Q, Razi Road, P.E.C.H.S., Block-6, Karachi-75400, Pakistan.

Any information about the Firm and its business affairs may be obtained from the Registrar of Firms Karachi, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi Pakistan.



The Firm believes in the application of business ethics as have been embodied as under:

* The credibility, goodwill and repute earned are maintained through continued conviction in our corporate values of honesty, integrity, justice and respect for people. The Firm promotes openness, professionalism, teamwork and trust in its entire business activities.

* Safeguarding of shareholders' interest and worthwhile return on equity is an integral part of our business ethics.

* We believe in servicing customers by providing best services, which are served and priced competitively, and in line with the environmental, social and legal standards of the Country.

* We proactively invest in our human capital, offer competitive employment terms, provide safe and congenial working environment, and an equal opportunity for all our employees.

* We believe that profit is the real yardstick to measure our value addition to the economy and is essential for business survival, as it measures efficiency and the value that the customer places on services produced by the Firm.

* In view of the critical importance of the business and impact on national economy, our Firm provides all relevant information concerning its activities to interested parties subject to any overriding confidentiality.



Medical Transcription Services are exempt from Income Tax as per clause 133 of Part I of Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001. Further, the provisions of minimum tax under section 133 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 are also not applicable to Medical Transcription Services as per clause 11(A) of Part IV of Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001. However, the Firm is working as Withholding Agent for tax payments made to its employees, suppliers and service providers.

The Firm conducts its annual audit with the help of reputable and certified chartered accountants with an international affiliation of Grant Thornton as per the requirements stated in international accounting standards.

Mission & Vision

To help and facilitate patient care by providing the best quality medical transcription, billing and coding services at the most reasonable price within the best turn-around time available.

The core purpose of our organization is to deliver superior, efficient and quality customer-focused outsourcing services to healthcare providers with no geographical limitations, striving to serve the healthcare industry globally and aiming at facilitating patient care.